Noelle Dominique Rodriguez is a native of Los Angeles. Her family traveled by covered wagon from, what is now, Tuscon, Arizona, and have settled in LA for 6 generations.

Both of Noelle’s parents grew up in Boyle Heights, her mother worked in the men’s jail, for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept. for over twenty years. Her father served in the Marine Corps during Desert Storm.

Before Noelle had hopes of becoming an actress, she studied dance, with over ten years of training in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hawaiian, and Folklorico.  In 2014 she  received her B.A. in Acting from Sonoma State University.

Right after graduating, she traveled to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with Dramatic Adventure Theatre, where she immersed her self fully in the culture, researching, cultivating a theatrical piece inspired by her experience. Noelle spent time in the small Roma village of Rankovce, Slovakia, teaching the children of the village, along with her cast mates, how to create theater and write their own stories. While stationed at the village Noelle and her cast mates volunteered, to help build houses for members of the village.

The Roma are a people who have faced horrible discrimination and isolation from the rest of Europe, and cast away. Inspired by the sense of love and family the community extended to them, Noelle and her cast mates went on to write a play, inspired by the experience and the people of the community,  “The Town at the Edge of the Sunflower Field”. This experience has forever shaped the artist Noelle still strives to become; An artist who fights to promote and shine light in any way she can on the stories of those who want to be seen and heard

Noelle is currently residing in L.A. as an actor and creator of the podcast Line 720. A podcast that creates original short stories centering around the lives of Latinx characters in LA.  You can listen here: here
Some of her favorite theatre credits include the title role in, Marisol (Nominated for Best Actress (SOTA Awards 2014) and Turnings, an new play by, Stephanie Neuerburg. She has also been featured on the hit HBO series, Insecure.

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